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Two visits per week in the summer (May - October)

One visit per week during the winter (November - April)


ALL Chemicals included

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£720 year


We understand that there are a variety of pools of all shapes and sizes. Plunge pools, guitar shaped and olympic, to name just a few...


We'll taylor the chemicals, visits and care required accordingly






£840 year

8 x 4

10 x 5





Quoted prices are a general guide, the monthly fee will vary depending on the calculated actual literage of your pool, taking into account depth, steps and any other varying factors.



Pool Customers


In light of a few issues that have arisen this summer with regards to pool usage we thought that we should add an additional service to your pool maintenance contracts.  


Normal residential swimming pool usage requires by EU and world Standards that the chlorine level is be between 2ppm and 4ppm and that anything above can be bad for swimmers and the pool itself.  The theory being that when your pool operative arrives to clean the pool he should find the chlorine level around 2ppm and he then adds enough chlorine to bring it back up to 4ppm.  This buffer should be enough to sustain general accepted residential usage. By this theory, usage not falling between this buffer zone requires additional cleaning/visits so that chlor can be added daily.


We understand that there are occasions throughout the summer where some of you have family out or gatherings that may see your pool enjoy much higher usage than normal.  Chlorine levels will plummet with heavy usage and you will run the risk of green algae ridden water.  We don’t want that as much as you don’t!


So, if you know you are going to have a spike in pool usage please either let your pool operative know or contact us here at the office so that we can arrange for a little extra chemical to be added.  Don’t worry if your gathering was impromptu, call us the next day and we can add it then.


This extra service will not cost you anymore money on your monthly service contract (within reason of course), we are constantly striving to find ways to provide a better service and keep your pool in the best condition possible.  


May we also take this opportunity to inform those of you that use our water tanker service that water has increased from 10tl per ton to 12tl.


Finally, thank you to those customers that have taken our advice and made various improvements to their pools and pump rooms this year, our mission really is to improve the function and efficiency of your swimming pools, after all they are an expensive luxury that should be taken good care of.  


Thanks for your continued business

Kind regards


Steve Heffernan

NSPF Certified Pool Operator (International Certification)